About the logo: From left to right: a pool that collects money from its contributors to be spread widely; as a horn to spread the news that UBI is here. From right to left: as a pool of value that drips money to individual UBI-Vault citizens.


Open source system to raise money, put it in the UBI-Vault and distribute this money from the UBI-Vault as a Universal Basic Income to individual citizens.

Distribution Rules

1 Every week, when there is enough money in the UBI-Vault for every citizen, a basic income is distributed , starting with € 7,00.

2 when during three consecutive weeks there is a surplus of € 7,00 for every citizen in the UBI-Vault, the basic income amount is increased with € 7,00.

Course fluctuations of the digital currency Ethereum are corrected for automatically, so that a constant amount of basic income, in €, is sent to the citizens.

In the future we want to guarantee a UBI-Vault basic income of one year.

As a consequence there will be a UBI-Vault buffer and a citizens` waiting list.