About the logo: From left to right: a pool that collects money from its contributors to be spread widely; as a horn to spread the news that UBI is here. From right to left: as a pool of value that drips money to individual UBI-Vault citizens.


Open source system to raise money, put it in the UBI-Vault and distribute this money from the UBI-Vault as a Universal Basic Income to individual citizens.

Future Developments

1 Security

Everybody can register as a citizen, using the UBI-Vault app. Phone number verification with sms is used for identification. In the future we will add biometrics, for example Heartbeat-ID, a biometric method still in development, capturing our heart signals.

2 Location

We want to establish an organizational unit in Switzerland, where the rules for donations to the UBI-Vault are more flexible than in other countries.

3 Structure an Management

UBI-Vault will be one of the first owner less companies, aka AI DAOs

The Future of Legal Practice Or, How to Stop Worrying and Embrace Change:

“There is an increasing amount of business occurring online, without any easily-identifiable jurisdiction. From news aggregation websites to projects using freelancers as a development team, working out what the rules are and who to appeal to when things go wrong can be an exercise in futility. When you add decentralised organisations like DAOs and blockchain-based contracts into the mix, trying to assign a nation-based jurisdiction becomes almost impossible.

Conversations have been occurring regarding how to best tackle this issue. The most promising approach is the establishment of ‘digital’ jurisdictions, where parties can agree to be bound by mutually satisfactory rules not tied to any one land-based jurisdiction. Rule sets could feasibly be developed which are far less restrictive than legislative frameworks offered by traditional nation-states.”

We are looking at Aragon, Jelurida and BigchainDB. At the same time we are looking at quite decentralized organization structures like ICANN with branches in many countries, to allow donors the benefits of national tax reductions.

4 Improvement of the distribution system

We are thinking about a UBI-guarantee during one year. This would require a waiting list. Maybe this would violate our principle of KISS, keep it simple, stupid.

The UBI-Vault basic income, which can be increased, could also be decreased.

Also Ethereum fluctuations are to be dealt with by a kind of UBI-Vault buffer.

5. app Improvement

A simple Android app is available to be able to register as a UBI-Vault citizen. An iOS app is planned, volunteers have offered to assist us!

6 Modular UBI-Vault system tool

The UBI-Vault software is open source, it contains a a smart contract b a back end and c an Android app.

You are free to use it for your own UBI distribution.

We are planning to make a drag and drop UBI-Vault customization system to make it easy for you to make and deploy your own UBI-Vault system.


  • minimum viable product, app for Android 2019
  • deploying UBI-Vault from testnet to public ethereum blockchain 2019
  • official launch 2019
  • app for iOs
  • extending distribution rules
  • moving back-end to Switserland
  • transfer to BigChainDB for Citizens` info
  • organization in different countries for donation tax return