About the logo: From left to right: a pool that collects money from its contributors to be spread widely; as a horn to spread the news that UBI is here. From right to left: as a pool of value that drips money to individual UBI-Vault citizens.


Open source system to raise money, put it in the UBI-Vault and distribute this money from the UBI-Vault as a Universal Basic Income to individual citizens.


UBI-Vault is a free service.

Problem: how can you help to end poverty by providing a basic income?

Solution: by donating to the UBI-Vault!

Money donated to the UBI-Vault is automatically distributed among Citizens.

The UBI-Vault service has launched September, 16th 2019.

There is a project-team (Roland Sassen, Hilde Latour, Reyer Brons), an advisory board is to be formed.

For PR contact Hilde Latour at latour@ubi-vault.com
For donations and technical aspects contact Roland Sassen at sassen@ubi-vault.com
For organization contact Reyer Brons at brons@ubi-vault.com
For all other enquiries please email info@ubi-vault.com