About the logo: From left to right: a pool that collects money from its contributors to be spread widely; as a horn to spread the news that UBI is here. From right to left: as a pool of value that drips money to individual UBI-Vault citizens.


How to distribute money to people: UBI-Vault

The main motivation for developing UBI-Vault is ideological—to drive societal change. Now is the time to change society. We all feel it’
up to us to try and become the change we want to see in this world.

As a society, it’s time to embrace working smarter, not harder & put  automation to work for the betterment of all of us, not just people in search of a higher profit margin.

A solution is to buy companies and donate them to the community, they are then called AI DAOs, owner-less companies, which contribute their revenue to the community. With these resources food, shelter, education, public transport and medical aid can be provided.

On the way to this solution, where a global government or a decentralized government is in control, countries and multinationals and sponsors can contribute to a Universal Basic Income (UBI). Such a UBI will provide the resources for food and shelter, to begin with.

How can we distribute money, from donations and countries and multinationals, and later from AI DAOs, to the people?

To do exactly that we made UBI-Vault:

UBI-Vault is a simple distribution system which takes donations from private persons, companies, governments and multinationals, and distributes this money automatically as a Universal Basic Income, UBI, to all people registered to the UBI-Vault.